Viruses And Linux

The major reasons why virus does not affect open source software’s in a great manner are,

  1. Skilled developer community that is huge in size is behind the development of Linux Operating System  like Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, OpenSuse  etc.
  2. The code for these OS are available open and hence many people are working on it. Hence the  Vulnerabilities found are fixed quickly and the updates for the OS are provided frequently.
  3. The market share of Linux is small compared to that of Windows. Hence the virus writers gain less attacking the Linux users . They in turn targets Operating Systems like Windows to gain more.

Having discussed regarding the less vulnerability of the virus in Linux machines it should also be noted that linux machines are not completely virus free. Some of the most common virus attacks in the Linux machines include Rootkits ,  loggers, poisoned DNS entries, backdoor botnets, harvesters, spam gateways etc

Anyway all the Linux Users keep your fingers crossed as  Linux  gains in popularity, it also presents a challenge to the writers of malicious code and their evil intentions!

Please find below some good links that discuss regarding the linux operating system and Virus attack.

Top Innovations In The IT Industry – Last Decade

One of the most discussed topic today in the software industry is, ‘What would be the next best innovative product?’. To have a better understanding of our topic, I have divided our discussion in to four sections.

  • Innovation
  • Major Innovations In IT
  • Major Innovators In IT


Innovation stands for a relatively NEW and a GOOD Idea that can be successfully Implemented as a PRODUCT or a SERVICE . Innovation should result in less effort when compared to how we get things done previously.

There is a wonderful article in the Indian Newspaper that highlights the importance of Innovation in Software field. Please see to the link,


IT Innovations Past Decade


Android Logo

Logo Of Android


Facebook Logo

Logo Of Facebook


Amazon Logo

Logo Of Amazon


Youtube Logo

Logo Of Youtube


Wikipedia Logo

Logo Of Wikipedia

Google Maps

Google Maps Logo

Logo Of Google Maps


Ajax Logo

Logo Of Ajax

Agile Software Development

Agile Logo

Logo Of Agile

Android is an Operating System Built on Linux V2.6 kernel for Mobile Devices , Smart Phones and Tablet Computers. Android is developed by  Open Handset Alliance led by Google along with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for the maintenance and development of Andriod.
Mark Zuckerberg, a student of the Harvard University founded Facebook at the age of 23. Facebook is a social network that allows to share information like photos, status updates, events etc with  public or friends. There are around 800 million active users for facebook currently and the number is growing day by day.
Amazon is an American e-commerce company that falls under the list of fortune 500. It has an estimated 615 million visitors annually.It has a wide collection of online shopping  market ranging from books,clothing, gourmet food, watches, jewelry, baby products and apparel, beauty products, sporting goods, music CD’s, DVD’s, video tapes, home appliances and electronics and so much more.
YouTube is the the world’s largest online video destination and the third most visited Website overall. The site has more than two billion views a day.People make use of YouTube for everything from promoting their own products and video blogging to showcasing their independent films and animations.YouTube was developed and launched by former PayPal employees Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.

Wikipedia is a free, open content online encyclopedia created through the collaborative effort of a community of users known as Wikipedians . Anyone registered on the site can create an article for publication.Registration is not required to edit articles. The site’s name comes from wiki , a server program that enables anyone to edit Web site content through their Web browser. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger co-founded Wikipedia as an offshoot of an earlier encyclopedia project, Nupedia, in January 2001

Google Maps
Google Maps is web mapping service that is available for free. It Provides Street Level Maps and gives terrain and photographic information.
The History of the development of google maps is neatly explained in the below link,
In order to have a brief Idea about what all can be done with google maps, Please check the below given link,

Ajax stands for ‘asynchronous javascript and xml’. It is a technology through which web pages are updated immediatly when the user performs an action unlike an http request that waits for the entire page to load. One of the well know application that makes use of Ajax is Google Maps.
Ajax combines several programming tools including JavaScript, dynamic HTML (DHTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), cascading style sheets (CSS), the Document Object Model (DOM), and the Microsoft object, XMLHttpRequest.
Agile Software Development
Agile Software Development is a software development methodology in which the software is developed in cycles called the sprints that produces a meaning full output after each sprint. Unlike the waterfall development model , the agile development process fastens the delivery process and improves the software quality since the software is developed in iterations.
Please have a look at the below links.

Link For Innovation Of The Decade From Web,

To have a list of all innovations that laid the platform for all the future innovations in the IT field can be found in the below link.


IT Innovators Past Decade
My list of Top Innovative IT Companies Includes,

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Sun Microsystems

Please find the below links for addition Information.

Please provide your valuable feedback and your  list of Top Innovations and Innovators in the IT Industry Past decade.

The Art Of Technical And Web Content Writing.

Technical Writing

Technical Writer

Writing has been a widely recognized Art from the beginning of Human Evolution. We are blessed to have several Genius Writers whom with their Writing Skills were able to dominate our thoughts in a great manner. Identifying this fact was one of the turning points in the Marketing strategy applied by the Various Businesses all over the world. Content writing span over almost all fields of businesses but let us narrow down our insight in to role of content writing in the Software, Web and Internet Industry.

All the developers , managers , architects in the Software Industry works hard day and night in order to build programs that eventually creates the Static or Dynamic content of the  Web Application or a Website. Content of an Application is like actors in the film industry since they are who eventually appears on screen whereas the entire Code, Programs and Database maps to the entire set of crew members who work in background.

Hope that now it’s clear that how important is Technical And Web Content Writing section of an application or a website. The Content is the main Puller of the Customers and Clients to the Software Business. Technical And Web Content Writing is one of the main feature of all Freelancing Jobs. In My previous blog where I mentioned a set of genuine Freelance sites, almost all those Freelance Job Providers have a section for the Technical And Web Content Writing. The reason behind this is small Business firms who wish to get good quality content at relatively cheaper rates approaches Freelancers on demand. Here the Technical And Web Content Writing are actually the part time jobs of those freelancers who provide their service. Also the Freelance content writers have the exposure to content writing in various domains and they impress their clients by approaching with the contents or articles that they have already Implemented.

 But the scenario does not apply to the large IT firms who deals with massive Enterprise Applications like the one I am Working in. The Web Application that I am Working in focuses mainly on the teachers and students of a school and so all the resources that are used by them in the application are high quality contents that are created by Quality Content Engineers that stands head to head with us Programmers.

Yes guys so my ultimate point here is that Technical And Web Content Writing is a real Master Art that has an ever growing demand in coming years. So for all the beginners in the software Industry, Technical And Web Content Writing is an excellent career option if you have that passion and genius in you that can make your targeted audience fall in One shot.

Please see to the below links if you are interested in Knowing more about Technical And Web Content Writing,

Eventually My aim here is to provide the Best “CONTENT” to my readers about ‘Technical And Web Content Writing’. Please feel free to provide your valuable comments and add-ons to the topic that we discussed.

Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Content
By Alan S. Pringle
List Price: Rs.2105
Our Price: Rs.1958

Freelancing And Survey On Best Technical Freelancing Sites In India.

Money is always the need of the hour and people engage in to different activities to have multiple sources of income.

A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. Freelancing is a popular option for people seeking to earn a flexible income and work from home. Fields where freelancing is common include; music, journalism, publishing, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances, editing, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, copywriting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, consulting, tour guiding, video editing, video production and translating.

Please read the Article on Freelancing in Times of India which I feel is very effective in getting an overview about freelancing.

Being in the Software Industry, the option to have multiple sources of income apart from my fulltime job is being a techincal freelancer.

I have done a research on the internet, magazines and newspapers and has come up with
a list of the best websites that provides the freelancing jobs for people in the software and
web sector.
The best 3 sites includes,FreelanceImage

Other set of freelance sites includes,

I have read an article in Hindu Newspaper about the “Work Monk”  freelance site and found to be interesting. I am in plan to give a try on  .

I would like to conduct a survey on the above mentioned set of freelance sites by getting feedbacks from my readers so that finally we can have a statistical data regarding the best freelance sites. Please do also mention other freelancer sites that are not in the list mentioned above.
Please spend some amount of your valuable time in completing the survey given below.

Take Our Survey!

The Principles of Successful Freelancing
Miles Burke

WebSite Promotion And Internet Marketing


Recently when I started to make a research on how this particular blog can appear in first list of the search in different search engines,I came to an understanding that there is another important bussiness running in the World called the ‘Website Promotion And Internet Marketting’. People like me who do not have much budget do not have much to do in ‘Website Promotion And Internet Marketting’ but for those who run serious online bussiness inorder to get the attention of their targetted audience will have to spend some Dollars on ‘Website Promotion And Internet Marketting’. But ofcourse there are companies that provide free services for bloggers like me but all these comes secondary to  those who pay money.

Imagine people, there are millions and millions of website running all over the world and inorder to stand out to gain attention require a lot of effort from our end. One of the Key Areas the website owners always concentrate on is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).A website properly tuned for SEO will get higher page ranking and has the more chance of appearing in the first set of list provided by the search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo etc when searched with an appropriate keyword. SEO is not just like simply performing a single action can run traffic in to your system, but its actually a combination of 1000’s of criteria’s which depends on the way the search engine algorithms are written. And also the Search Engine Optimization criteria’s do change with time as search engines changes there search algorithms frequently and so you need to be always active for your website to have a better page ranking.

Let me have a brief explanation of some of the most important criteria’s of Search Engine Optimation.

1) First and the most important criteria is nothing but the content that we provide to the targeted audience. The better the content , the better the chance of the targeted audience to visit your page again.

2) Next comes the Website page Title and the list of Tags that we uses in our websit page. Search algorithms are always programmed in a way tha   it uses the Permalink, Title and the list of Tags to fetch a particular page in website.

3) Backlinks : Backlinks are nothing but the links provided to your website from another website. If the backlink to our site is given from a website of higher page rank obviously our website page rank would also improve.

4) About Page and Site Map : Search engines will have a thourough check at About page and the Site Map of your website before indexing your site after a keyword search.

5) Theme used by our website is another criteria that can provide better indexing during the search.

So the above mentioned are some of the Important criteria’s out of 1000’s of other criteria’s.

Now that you have your website up ,tried some of the free SEO techniques for your website promotion and even then if your site does not reach the targeted audience then You have got other options to make it happen. But this requires some amount of expense from your end. There are some online bussiness running that quarantees you that it pull audience to your site. Some of the example of such services are,

StumpleUpon Paid Discovery.
Social Media Sponsored Links etc..

I have a personal experience of using the StumpleUpon Paid Discovery and found it really worth trying.

Social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Yahoo etc can play an important role in your website promotion and provides a variety of techniques for Internet marketing.

It is always good to have an analysis of the inner structure of our website. This can be done through various WebMaster Tools provided by Google, Bing , Yahoo etc. Once we register our website with the Webmaster tools , it provides the detailed analytical reports about our website including the flaws in our website like inappropriate html tags, missing of authorship that can affect the Search Engine Mapping.

For More Professional Kind of Blog Promotion there are a number of books available that will be handy.
One such book is “Professional Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))”

Hope that the information provided was useful. Please do take your time to complete the poll provided below.

Reporting Engines

Reporting Engines are another interesting topic that I would like to discuss with everyone. In the Current application that I am Working In called the ‘ThinkCentral’ has given me a very good exposure to Reporting Engines. This is when I came to know that the Report generation module of an Application alone uses a separate Application Server. So let us get in to the topic. Reporting engines are that part of an applicatin that handles and manages everythings related to the Report module of an application. The Reports that I am refering to here are barcharts, Crosstabs, Pdf , Csv genration etc.. based on the statistical calculation made by the Reporting Engine that satisfies the Application Requirement.

I have a personal experience of working with Jasper Reports and found to be amazing.
The Jasper Reports runs on the Server called the Jasper Server. The Designer Application being used for the creation of the Jasper Reports Is called the iReport. The file that is generated using the iReport followes the extension .jrml and its called a Jrxml file containing a number of defined tags and attributes within it. The created Jrxml file is submitted to the JasperServer and
the JasperServer inturn communicates with our Application server using the Web Services inorder to render the
reports that are being Generated.

The Worlds 10 most popular Reporting Engines Currently available are listed below,
1 Actuate Business Intelligence

2 Cognos Business Intelligence

3 JasperReports (iReport)


5 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SRSS)

6 LGX Report

7 MicroStrategy

8 Crystal Reports   (BusinessObjects Enterprise BI)

Shop Online

9 Oracle Reports

10 Synaptris IntelliVIEW
Inorder to have a very detailed information regarding the , please do refer to the
below provided link.

Web Services Concept For Dummies..

Everything in this tiny world is turning out to be a bussiness. Business is actually a service provided to the client in return of money.In short terms web service is nothing more than a simple service provided to an Application inorder to reuse the service whenever needed. The most promising  happening in the technology sector currently is nothing other than WEB SERVICES.

This blog does not contain the inner codings of web services but will let you know the real life scenarios where web services are used and becomes handy.I have rented an image from wikipedia that you guys can see regarding web services. So the explanations of the stuff goes like this,

I have a medical computer application that stores and provides statistical information regarding a health check. See for example the body temperature is measured in celsius and you have to get it in farenheit. So the real time user of the application simply clicks on a button say ‘Convert To Farenheit’ and he becomes happy receiving the required information. Also I am allowed to submit a particular blood group inorder to get the statistical information regarding it. So here the developer of the application faces issues like, day by day more information regarding the bloodgroups and its charecteristics are discovered and so this updated information needs to be available in the medical application. Here comes the real hero, The Web Services.

Web Services follow a SOA architechture (Service Oriented Architechture). As shown in the figures the different parties involved in the Web service life cycle are ,
1) The Service Provider : The one who provides service for the requester. In the example  mentioned above , the one who updates all the statistical information for a particular blood group and make them available for the requester in the form of web services.

2) The Service Broker :  The One who alows the Service providers to register their service in a common registry UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration) using WSDL ( Web Services Description Language)

3) The Service Requester : He is the Requester who actually requires the service from the service provider.

 As shown in the figure, the Service Requester , whenever requires a particular function to be carried out in his application invokes the Web service. This is done by first of all creating a defined WSDl for the particular function and sends to the service request broker where the web service is already registered by the Service Provider. Both the Service Requestor and the Service provider communicates with the Service Broker in terms of WSDL. Upon Processing and matching of the wsdl is done by the Service broker, it establishes the connection between theService Requester and the Service Provider. From now onwards all the communication between the Requester and the provider takes place using the Soap Protocal. This itself is actually another Post to be Published , but lets have a quick look at what SOAP IS all about.

SOAP Protocol

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol that relies on the information exchange in the form of an XML format. Every SOAP Message have a defined format that has an Envelope with a Header and a Body. Please have a glance at the picture provided.I guess this much Info is needed for a Beginner Level.
For more info please check the links provided below..
So now Our medical application starts to transfer the soap messages with the Web service provided by the Vendor inorder to get the Up to date information about a particular medicine or health Check. This is one of the many real time use by a web service.

So I guess this simple post has given some brief idea about what web services are all about. Please also check the important terminologies and Links  on Web Service.

Important Links.

Important Terminologies.


Web Debugging for Beginners.

I have been working in the software industry for the past 3 years. Within this small period I have got the chance to use some cool debugging application which includes Fiddler , Windebug , Firebug from Mozilla and some lot of profilers.Of all those , the one I really like and that is too simple to use is the ‘Fiddler’. This is a tool that almost all the web developer should have knowledge on.Fiddler is nothing but called a ‘Web Debugger’. we are here to discuss the actual functionalityof a Web Debugging Tool in simple terms.

So what happens when we do a particular function in a website for example , Clicking a button in the web page or clicking on a parthicular link?The answer is simple an event gets generated. So the resultant of our action depends upon the kind of event that we have triggered.

In a Website, the userinterface that we see is nothing but the client side of the entire application.Now whenever an event is triggered , a communication occurs between the client side and the server side ofthe application. Now you may wonder what the hell is this server. Ok the developers are paid money to sit and create a website. Actually what are they creating. Nothing but the code base. This code base is deployed (saved)in something called a ‘web server’ like IBM Websphere , JBoss, Apache Tomcat etc.

Now the basic functionality of  web debugger is that when the web deugger like the fiddler is set to capture the web traffic and we do some actions in the website, it captures all the communication between the client and the server.This communication includes the request from the client and response from the server. So using the web debuggers we are able to see the dynamic real time values that are passed between the client and server and properly analyising this result helps us in finding the missing parameter in the communication that helps in solving our problem for which we started the debugging of our web app. These debuggers shows the request and response in the form of textview , xml , tree structure etc and we can choose according to our convenience.

Some of the most famous web debuggers include,

Fiddler- (This is a free download app that supports a variety of browsers)
Charles Web Debugging Proxy – (This comes with a cost and has a 30 a trial download)
Firebug for Mozilla Browser –

Having a hands on experience in any one of the above mentioned web debuggers is going to help in solving a lot of issues when developing or maintaining a web App.

Hope that the information covered was useful. Please do provide your valuable feedback.


Yes Guys, I am making a shift. Not the role of the Job I am doing but the company that I work for.Its has been a good span of couple of years in one of the world’s fastest growing company “Cognizant Technology Solutions” that made me undergo a tremendous change in me as a human being. There is a good side to it as well as a bad side to it.But those things I would like to keep it with me since its ultra personal..Just Kidding.

Now I would like to highlight some important aspects that comes in to consideration while shifting to a new company.I felt it to be an easy task but when being in to the real scenario, its not just that easy.The main factor is the Notice period that we have to survive in the old company before we join the new firm.This is actually I say the period which transforms us from an old enviornment to a completely new enviornment.During this period we need to make sure not to affect the morale of the employees of the current firm byboosting about the new offer that you got.

Always do keep in mind that all neccessary papers including the letter of relieving would be handed over to usonly on our final day of the notice period. Moreover that our current employer is the one who gave us bread tilltoday from the date of joining the firm eventhough there is a famous quote from India’s former President Abdul Kalam that,
‘Never love a company because you never know when the company hates you’.

Some people find it harder to deal with change than others. For the faint of heart, the prospect of switching jobs creates a sense of unease so overwhelming that they will remain in an unhappy work situation rather than face the unknown. These individuals often need an external force to “convince” them to move on. They can only be nudged out of their chairs by the likes of a layoff, salary freeze, or the prospect of relocation. They tend to be motivated by income necessity and lifestyle convenience issues, rather than by the pursuit of opportunities to advance their careers.

So along with doing all the formalities with the current employer it begins the set of joining formalities to be completed forthe new employer.So this span of period requires little work and attention from our end for everything to happen smooth.But there is a special joy in doing those fromalities which is the resultant of curiosity in us created by thinking about the new joband the benefit we are going to gain out of it.

My Profession

My Profession is my Passion, Yes correct I would like things to be like that but what to do the situation currently is not the same. How enjoyable our life would be if the thing that we like the most in the world is our ‘PROFESSION‘.

No wonder there is a saying:-

If you want to be happy for a day, go on a picnic.
If you want to be happy for a week, go on a vacation
If you want to go happy for a month, get married
If you want to be happy for a year, inherit wealth
If you want to be happy for a lifetime, do the work that you love.

Exploring what kind of professon is most appropriate and working towards it
is no easy task .I have been exploring what suits me the best for the past couple
of years but not yet able to be on the right track.

Getting caught in a wrong profession is more like the ‘football player in a hockey field’ or ‘square peg in a round hole’. I feels like our lifebeing dragged like anything. So its always correct to say that the growth of a person in his profession is directly proposional to the extent to which he/she enjoys her work.

I always wonder seeing the enthusiasm and energy in some of the managers in my company. Those kind of employees are actually the corner stones in the growth of the company. They are stuck to the company not through any finacial bonds but through emotional bondings.

To build a successful career is everyone’s dream. Forbes magazine have listed out cetains
key points in building up a bright career. This includes,

1) Make the Most of What You Have

2) Build Your Skills Constantly

3) Balance Your Passion with Practicality

4) You Can Overcome Virtually Any Obstacle

5) Keep Up With the Changing Times

6) Above All Else, Be Resourceful
Though business and graduate education is certainly a huge asset (and often a key differentiator for many job candidates),we must also continue to focus on the core attributes that drive success: adaptability, persistence, and practicality.
With these and a positive attitude, you’ll find that you can prosper no matter what obstacles or disadvantages you may face.

The distinction between People who are successful in their careers and People who don’t progress in their careers are in the Typical Cognitive Patterns and Typical Behavioral Patterns.

People who  are not successful in their careers

   Typical Cognitive Patterns : 

           -Think they lack skills, abilities, background or relationships to progress   
           -often think or feel they’re a victim of circumstances
           -don’t believe they can reach their goals
           -think others have what it takes  
           -believe they’re not good enough  
           -think they don’t add enough value  
           -believe they don’t deserve to succeed  
           -think others don’t respect them  
           -believe they’re not appreciated enough
           -think that setbacks are evidence of their inability to succeed
           -believe others have attributes they lack to succeed  
           -think “the system” let them down  
           -believe they’re treated unfairly  
           -think others don’t see their potential 

   Typical Behavioral Patterns : 

           -Don’t take risks  
           -have difficulty in establishing valuable work relationships  
           -are reluctant to change / taking on new challenges  
           -focus on earning approval from others   
           -don’t take actions to continually extend professional  knowledge base  
           -are reluctant to ask for what they want  
           -shy away from being in the center of the action  
           -worry about making mistakes  
           -have difficulty in communicating clearly and effectively  
           -don’t pay enough attention to building mutually beneficial relationships

People who are successful in their careers

   Typical Cognitive Patterns :

           -Believe in their skills and abilities  
           -think they can win  
           -believe they’re in charge of their destiny  
           -think they can find new ways of doing things  
           -believe the future has great thinks in store for them  
           -think they have a purpose  
           -believe in overcoming setbacks quickly  
           -think they deserve to be successful  
           -believe in their strengths  
           -think they deserve respect  
           -feel good about who they are and their value in to society  
           -believe in excellence rather than perfection  
           -think it’s ok to be different 
   Typical Behavioral Patterns : 

           -Surround themselves with competent and supportive people  
           -enjoy working with other people  
           -are continuously on the look out to improve their personal situation  
           -are persistent in their approach  
           -are eager to take on new challenges  
           -pay attention to their social work environment  
           -stay focused  
           -schedule time to “renew” themselves  
           -want to take on new responsibilities  
           -take time to listen to others  
           -bring out the best in others  
           -spend time on defining where they want to go and how to get there  
           -ask for what they want  
           -help others succeed  
           -communicate well  
           -keep things in perspective  
           -are curious and eager to learn  
           -are decisive