My Karate Journey: The Okinawan Seibukan Days..

Hello Friends, In this blog I would like to give a glimpse of my Karate Journey and the Seibukan style of traditional Karate. My Karate Journey actually started on 2015 after marriage in a DoJo named Budo Academy at Kakkanad, Kochi in Kerala , India. The Dojo was run by the Iqbal brothers who are well established Karate black belts with strong base of multiple Karate training facilities in UAE. Karate has multiple flavors and the version of Karate that was taught in Budo Academy was Shorin-ryu Seibukan which is one of the oldest and traditional Karate Style that was originated in the Birth place of Karate i.e Okinawa in Japan. The Karate classes are scheduled 4 days a week i.e Tuesday, Thursday evening on week days and Saturday , Sunday morning on Weekends.

Initial Days

The Seibukan style of Karate training begins with correcting the Stances and various poses which sets the base that is essential when entering higher stages of the Karate training.

Along with learning stances, we are put in a group of Karate trainees practicing for a longer time with higher karate belts. This is the opportunity to merge to a group of team along with slowly learning the stances and next level of movements. Most of the stances and movements are named in Japanese terms which will get used to slowly over the course of training.

The stages of Karate is categorized in terms of belts wherein for acquiring every higher belt , will need to attend a test in front of a certified Sensei(instructor). Each test has clear written syllabus of various movements and terms which needs to be demonstrated and answered during the test.

The Karate belt categories begins from White belt (Beginner) to Black belt. There are various levels of Black belts beginning from 1st Dan to 10th Dan. Zenryo Shimabukuro is the founder of Shorin-ryu Seibukan karate who is in turn a 10th Dan black belt of the Seibukan Karate style.

Below is the set of Belts I have acquired over 3 years of rigorous training and tests before moving to USA for Work in 2017 December.

Katas of Seibukan is an integral part of this art which is combination of various stances , movements , kicks and punches. I was able to learn 6 Kata’s in a good way beginning from Fukyugata Ichi to Wansu . However once you acquire higher levels of training there are difficult sets of Kata’s that needs to be learned and demonstrated for the tests.

Please refer below url’s for more different styles of Kata’s and about the Seibukan Karate style.

There are two more interesting arts in seibukan i.e Ippon Kumite and Weapon training .

Ippon kumite teaches various techniques for self defense and handling attacks. A good training of Ippon kumite techniques improves our reflexes and movements comes automatically during a sudden attack. The base of good stances and Kata training is needed to get expertized on Ippon Kumite techniques.

When it comes to Weapon training there is a whole list of devastating weapons that is trained in seibukan version of Karate. I was a able to receive beginner level of training on weapons like Bo , Nanjak , Tonfa. There are Kata’s defined for each weapon moves which makes us well versed with the usage of these weapons.

Karate training have really helped in my personal and professional life to stay focused and motivated in getting things done at a faster pace. This is an excellent art which can be learned from Childhood that sows seeds of discipline in us for Life Long. Even now when I get opportunity, I never misses the time to practice some of the Kata’s and stances which I have learned. This helps activate my memory since I am repeating a sequence of steps that was learned some years ago.

Learning Desire On HardWare Technology.

Computer Engineering has been in the forefront of my passions and dreams from schooling days. Always looked up to the Computers, processors and chips with jumper wires with great desire and intend to have a clutch of the same. My Computer Hardware skills began  in my 2nd year of college when my broken PC was assembled back to work after purchasing each and every component from the AMD Motherboard and its own flavour of Processor, Sata cables , new harddrive , DDR2 1 GB Ram (It was quiet enough at that time) and an SMPS for the power supply.

Now after college days and entering to the work life , the focus and area of work was predominately in the software area to learn concepts of various Programming Languages and build software for various customers with which my employer was engaged in. Even these years I always had that spark and attraction towards micro processors , controllers , gateways etc and wanted to understand the internals of its workings. This is when I decided to start the learning my own in a personal dedicated time after working and family time. It all began with purchasing the below Arduino kit from Amazon and was able to successfully blink an LED connected to the Arduino through a bread board and jumper wires. The Arduino was in turn connected to the com port of the Arduino software that was used to flash C program on to the Arduino Micro Controller. This was much like flashing a firmware on to a Printer with a software update.


Once I understood the internal workings of micro controller , it was time to take the baby steps for the learning of Micro Processors and as all know it should begin with the Raspberry Pi Generations. However I wanted to have more guidance and coaching in this area since Micro Processors with a combination of sensors , actuators and with an opensource analytical platform like will place me rightly on the IOT (Internet of things) track.

START UPS – The hub of innovations in IOT especially the startups of Bangalore were providing  a lot certification and training programs and I have signed up for the program called basics of IOT from Nexiot. I was able to successfully do POC’s in raspberry pie with light and Ultrasonic sensors controlled using the Python programs installed in the Raspbian OS of the Raspberry PIE (Tried with Raspberry pie connected to Laptop wifi directly and directly to the BSNL ISP modem through a modem cable and accessing the PIE IP address from the Laptop for connecting to the raspbian OS UI )


CaptureHaving completed the certification program and proper poc’s on IOT, my knowledge base on computer hardware technology and IOT have improved to a good extent and I was able to generate thought process for Ideation in this area.

I was able to successfully frame an Idea and submit for a patent of the same with my employer. Even though I was awarded with a good amount of Rewards points , my patent Idea was not submitted to the international Patent committee since it was matching with couple of already existing patent prior arts. However this was motivational and inspired me to learn more and work on framing more Patent Idea’s.

I was also constantly mentored by my Technocrat colleagues with whom I have taken couple of Sessions on (Basics Of IOT) ,one online and other in an auditorium with around 30 participants. The sessions received good feedback and appreciations which was certainly a huge motivation to keep going. Please find below some of the slides from the sessions.


I happen to attend the All India IOT Congress 2017 at Bangalore conducted by IET ( , The IET is one of the world’s leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community).

IET Congress

The Conference was attended by some of the high profile technology leaders from multinational organizations. I was able to visualize some of the real life examples of IOT implications especially in the health sector like patient monitoring systems. Please find some of the snaps from the conference which was in turn honored by Sri Ravi Shankar.

The time I invested in learning Computer hardware technologies and IOT outside of my working hours (Certainly with the support from my employer) have paid of in my professional life. I was exposed to customer projects with enterprise IOT solutions. Thinking back ,the journey began from assembling my own Personal Computer and blinking an LED at home using the Arduino started kit which I purchased from Amazon.


                Kiran John





Test Of Conscience :)

Everyone knows what Conscience is all about. Its nothing but the personal awareness of right and wrong that you use to guide your actions to do right. Our Conscience is tested day in and out in multiple ways where in sometimes our Conscience leads us to right direction and sometimes Our Conscience leads us to the wrong direction. I would like to mention some scenarios where my conscience was taken for a toss.

While I was at Oregon , Couple of days before I had to report for the assignment in Memphis ,  got in to Dutch Bros (Near Oregon State University) after an evening work out. Seeing the beauty of the shop and indulging to the environment 🙂 lol, bought two cups of Coffee (I guess cappuccino) and headed towards the apartment. Later sometime I had this wonderful realization that my Wallet is lost. Went back to the coffee shop and made all efforts to find the Wallet searching in and around the shop and made way back to the Apartment raising a concern if my Wallet is stolen from the Shop. What a beauty since all my payment cards including the license is inside the lost Wallet. Suddenly called the customer care of my bank and blocked all the cards to avoid misuse. However by Gods Grace I got a call from one of the Oregon State University Student who was enjoying his graduation Party in a Pizza shop nearly. Evan Brown has given my wallet back without accepting any token of gratitude from me. However we became Facebook friends,


Since in one or two days I need to make it to Memphis , went to the bank very next day to unblock all cards however there was a process which wanted me to wait for next 7 days before the cards are shipped to my address. However luckily I had one of my card for immediate purpose which was not blocked along with other travel cards which I thought had enough balance. The plan is to travel to Memphis and report for the new assignment, get things set up for family in three weeks time and then bring my spouse and Kid. With all these assumptions I took the flight to Chicago and from there to Memphis with my office back bag having a laptop and two or 3 sets of dress.

By Around 9 – 10 pm I reached the Memphis airport and then got in to the Hotel for Check In . Most of the Hotels needs the full payment during Checkout after the successful payment authorization during check in. I was astounded to understand all my payment card was rejected for the payment authorization of an amount equaling the stay for next 7 days in the hotel with the my new credit card is waiting to be shipped to my address in Oregon. Being new to the state this was a test of my conscience for decision making. I went ahead and engaged in a discussion with the receptionist asking her to authorize my debit card for 1 day of stay and by tomorrow evening will be able to make the authorization for the cost of 7 days of hotel booking. The receptionist was polite enough to help me out in this midnight situation and made my way to the hotel room after placing an Order for something to eat through Uber Eats. Next day my Cousin based out of Boston helped me to fund my debit card to cover the pending hotel cost. Thank you very much brother who has been my go to person to help me get through tough times.


Another situation where my Conscience was again gone for toss is after I traveled back to Oregon from Memphis to bring my family. Flight from Portland to Colorado (From there to Memphis) is supposed to be at 9 pm and with 2 hours to travel to airport , we were waiting for the Oregon hut shuttle to the airport. All households and the car is shipped to Tennessee through third party shippers and Items are supposed to be reaching Memphis after couple of days we reach. However before entering the Hut Shuttle I was asked to show the child booster seat for the use of my Kid in the Hut Shuttle. Unfortunately I never expected this and the hut shuttle cancelled our booking and moved ahead. Even if I wait for the next hut shuttle I need to get a child booster seat. Asking my spouse and Kid to wait in front of pick up point with over 5 large travel bags, I went in search of the child booster seat to multiple super markets and could’nt find availability of any in the shops. The Only option left is to try for an Uber which will be a 6 seater and has enough space to carry the 5 travel bags.

By Gods Grace there was one person from Portland with a 4 wheeler 6 Seater truck waiting in town for his return in the Uber queue and I was lucky to have him accept my Uber request. Loaded all the travel bags in trunk space of the truck and headed successfully to the airport with my spouse and Kid . We made to Memphis by mid of next day via Colorado airport.


At Memphis Airport

Hence often in life the decisions made in blink of a second is usually right instead of taking decisions after collecting lots of facts and figures. Of Course u need that extra inch of luck with you always 🙂 .


Kiran John

Experience From Exploration


Dear Friends, this topic “experience from exploration” may not be new to many however I would like provide some insights on this based on an exploration experience I had and the learning I made out of it. Couple of months before on a Saturday morning just planned to go for jogging outdoors. I was trying to find out the best place where I could run for today and decided to head towards the Collierville Green Belt which has many trails in between a small forest (Please see the post image for the one of the Green Belt Trail). However I was not sure of the entry point of this trail and thought it could be figured out once I reach the Park area where the trail is suppose to begin.


After parking my car I headed towards the direction to the other end of the park where the trail do not have a opening and it is just plain forest with boards (“Be Careful , Natural In Habitats”). There was literally no one around and no trail. This was a decision point for me whether to proceed or return. However I decided to proceed through the forest searching for the walk through trail. During initial steps I was able to find some kind of route , however as I proceed further the route is starting to disappear with absolute silence and movements of leaves by lizards or some species. These are times when you really touches your soul that gives the realization of our limits and abilities. However as I proceed further even though there was sense of fear, I had this strong feeling of acquiring a great experience and gratification once I complete this journey in the direction I was heading to instead of returning back to where I have started. I proceeded further for 1 mile in the same direction through the forest with absolute silence around. Slowly I was able to see the end of the trail and an old couple walking with their dog. I headed to this direction and soon got in to the walk through trail which I have been searching for. Even though the amount of miles or distance I covered is very less compared to the real adventurous journeys, I was heading towards an unknown path for some time and upon successful completion it gave me that gratification and experience which I was searching for. Often in life the toughest of routes always gives the best destinations. 87049827_10219218441826075_2513732212457734144_n

Hence friends, I am wrapping up my small blog urging all to break the conventions and challenge the status quo to explore more adventures in life.


Kiran John

India To America (3 Years)

I am blogging in my personal blog site almost after a span of 7.5 years even though I have been posting timely in my office yammer account. In this blog I would like to mention the journey and the experiences that helped me to move from India to United States Of America. It was exciting , terrific , frightening , tough and fruitful for me.

The journey begins right from getting allotted for visa lottery. This was important and to be nominated for the same needed some hard work , luck and good people around who like your growth. Then comes the waiting time where in we are in dilemma of the direction of our life which involved the planning of two routes (Winning the Visa lottery and migrating to USA , pursuing a growth in my career staying at the current environment). This was extremely important for me being a married men ,a father to 1 year daughter and a responsible son 🙂 . I laid out the plan in two directions till the probable time when the Visa lottery results will be published for 2017. Worked on this plan every single day until the results came from US immigration that my H1 B visa application has been approved. My Company and Managers were kind enough to do all needed things in the best possible way to get me and my family smoothly migrate to America. Having said this involved the help from number of good people who could work for me both at India and America . Me with my wife and kid made to USA on 6th Of December 2017 via Dubai , a 22 hours of Flight Journey which I enjoyed in the Emirates Airlines.

1 st year in USA , I traveled places to understand the culture  , people , cities , beaches. Each and every place was beautiful especially the pacific coast line New Port , Pacific City , Seaside in Oregon and the Happening City Of Seattle in Washington. Driving in my 2014 Nissan Sentra with my spouse and kid . Sharing the snaps of the same.

Over the 2nd year of my stay in USA , due to situations and circumstances I had to make a movement to another state to take up a new assignment for one of our elite customers at Memphis (The Land Of Western Country Music, Birth Place of Elvis Presley). Memphis was a lot to travel from North West Of N.America (Oregon) to the South East Of N.A (Tennessee). After shipping the Households and Car, I fully migrated with My family to Memphis by 1st week of June 2019.

download (1)


Tennessee showed me another face of America where in the rich diverse communities collaborates beautifully. Also it is very welcoming for new people to merge and be part of the society very soon. While I started working with new people and new environments, I made sure to never miss the opportunity of exploration of places like (Nashville , Tupelo National Park Mississippi) and yet another mighty happening City of Chicago. Please find below the snaps.

Having a positive mindset that things will fall in place if things are done right have helped me to experience America both in personal and professional ways. Things are moving forward well now hoping things will happen and fall in place at the right time in the right pace with hard work and help of nice people.


  Kiran John


Viruses And Linux

The major reasons why virus does not affect open source software’s in a great manner are,

  1. Skilled developer community that is huge in size is behind the development of Linux Operating System  like Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, OpenSuse  etc.
  2. The code for these OS are available open and hence many people are working on it. Hence the  Vulnerabilities found are fixed quickly and the updates for the OS are provided frequently.
  3. The market share of Linux is small compared to that of Windows. Hence the virus writers gain less attacking the Linux users . They in turn targets Operating Systems like Windows to gain more.

Having discussed regarding the less vulnerability of the virus in Linux machines it should also be noted that linux machines are not completely virus free. Some of the most common virus attacks in the Linux machines include Rootkits ,  loggers, poisoned DNS entries, backdoor botnets, harvesters, spam gateways etc

Anyway all the Linux Users keep your fingers crossed as  Linux  gains in popularity, it also presents a challenge to the writers of malicious code and their evil intentions!

Please find below some good links that discuss regarding the linux operating system and Virus attack.

Top Innovations In The IT Industry – Last Decade

One of the most discussed topic today in the software industry is, ‘What would be the next best innovative product?’. To have a better understanding of our topic, I have divided our discussion in to four sections.

  • Innovation
  • Major Innovations In IT
  • Major Innovators In IT


Innovation stands for a relatively NEW and a GOOD Idea that can be successfully Implemented as a PRODUCT or a SERVICE . Innovation should result in less effort when compared to how we get things done previously.

There is a wonderful article in the Indian Newspaper that highlights the importance of Innovation in Software field. Please see to the link,


IT Innovations Past Decade


Android Logo

Logo Of Android


Facebook Logo

Logo Of Facebook


Amazon Logo

Logo Of Amazon


Youtube Logo

Logo Of Youtube


Wikipedia Logo

Logo Of Wikipedia

Google Maps

Google Maps Logo

Logo Of Google Maps


Ajax Logo

Logo Of Ajax

Agile Software Development

Agile Logo

Logo Of Agile

Android is an Operating System Built on Linux V2.6 kernel for Mobile Devices , Smart Phones and Tablet Computers. Android is developed by  Open Handset Alliance led by Google along with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for the maintenance and development of Andriod.
Mark Zuckerberg, a student of the Harvard University founded Facebook at the age of 23. Facebook is a social network that allows to share information like photos, status updates, events etc with  public or friends. There are around 800 million active users for facebook currently and the number is growing day by day.
Amazon is an American e-commerce company that falls under the list of fortune 500. It has an estimated 615 million visitors annually.It has a wide collection of online shopping  market ranging from books,clothing, gourmet food, watches, jewelry, baby products and apparel, beauty products, sporting goods, music CD’s, DVD’s, video tapes, home appliances and electronics and so much more.
YouTube is the the world’s largest online video destination and the third most visited Website overall. The site has more than two billion views a day.People make use of YouTube for everything from promoting their own products and video blogging to showcasing their independent films and animations.YouTube was developed and launched by former PayPal employees Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.

Wikipedia is a free, open content online encyclopedia created through the collaborative effort of a community of users known as Wikipedians . Anyone registered on the site can create an article for publication.Registration is not required to edit articles. The site’s name comes from wiki , a server program that enables anyone to edit Web site content through their Web browser. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger co-founded Wikipedia as an offshoot of an earlier encyclopedia project, Nupedia, in January 2001

Google Maps
Google Maps is web mapping service that is available for free. It Provides Street Level Maps and gives terrain and photographic information.
The History of the development of google maps is neatly explained in the below link,
In order to have a brief Idea about what all can be done with google maps, Please check the below given link,

Ajax stands for ‘asynchronous javascript and xml’. It is a technology through which web pages are updated immediatly when the user performs an action unlike an http request that waits for the entire page to load. One of the well know application that makes use of Ajax is Google Maps.
Ajax combines several programming tools including JavaScript, dynamic HTML (DHTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), cascading style sheets (CSS), the Document Object Model (DOM), and the Microsoft object, XMLHttpRequest.
Agile Software Development
Agile Software Development is a software development methodology in which the software is developed in cycles called the sprints that produces a meaning full output after each sprint. Unlike the waterfall development model , the agile development process fastens the delivery process and improves the software quality since the software is developed in iterations.
Please have a look at the below links.

Link For Innovation Of The Decade From Web,

To have a list of all innovations that laid the platform for all the future innovations in the IT field can be found in the below link.


IT Innovators Past Decade
My list of Top Innovative IT Companies Includes,

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Sun Microsystems

Please find the below links for addition Information.

Please provide your valuable feedback and your  list of Top Innovations and Innovators in the IT Industry Past decade.

The Art Of Technical And Web Content Writing.

Technical Writing

Technical Writer

Writing has been a widely recognized Art from the beginning of Human Evolution. We are blessed to have several Genius Writers whom with their Writing Skills were able to dominate our thoughts in a great manner. Identifying this fact was one of the turning points in the Marketing strategy applied by the Various Businesses all over the world. Content writing span over almost all fields of businesses but let us narrow down our insight in to role of content writing in the Software, Web and Internet Industry.

All the developers , managers , architects in the Software Industry works hard day and night in order to build programs that eventually creates the Static or Dynamic content of the  Web Application or a Website. Content of an Application is like actors in the film industry since they are who eventually appears on screen whereas the entire Code, Programs and Database maps to the entire set of crew members who work in background.

Hope that now it’s clear that how important is Technical And Web Content Writing section of an application or a website. The Content is the main Puller of the Customers and Clients to the Software Business. Technical And Web Content Writing is one of the main feature of all Freelancing Jobs. In My previous blog where I mentioned a set of genuine Freelance sites, almost all those Freelance Job Providers have a section for the Technical And Web Content Writing. The reason behind this is small Business firms who wish to get good quality content at relatively cheaper rates approaches Freelancers on demand. Here the Technical And Web Content Writing are actually the part time jobs of those freelancers who provide their service. Also the Freelance content writers have the exposure to content writing in various domains and they impress their clients by approaching with the contents or articles that they have already Implemented.

 But the scenario does not apply to the large IT firms who deals with massive Enterprise Applications like the one I am Working in. The Web Application that I am Working in focuses mainly on the teachers and students of a school and so all the resources that are used by them in the application are high quality contents that are created by Quality Content Engineers that stands head to head with us Programmers.

Yes guys so my ultimate point here is that Technical And Web Content Writing is a real Master Art that has an ever growing demand in coming years. So for all the beginners in the software Industry, Technical And Web Content Writing is an excellent career option if you have that passion and genius in you that can make your targeted audience fall in One shot.

Please see to the below links if you are interested in Knowing more about Technical And Web Content Writing,

Eventually My aim here is to provide the Best “CONTENT” to my readers about ‘Technical And Web Content Writing’. Please feel free to provide your valuable comments and add-ons to the topic that we discussed.

Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Content
By Alan S. Pringle
List Price: Rs.2105
Our Price: Rs.1958

Freelancing And Survey On Best Technical Freelancing Sites In India.

Money is always the need of the hour and people engage in to different activities to have multiple sources of income.

A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. Freelancing is a popular option for people seeking to earn a flexible income and work from home. Fields where freelancing is common include; music, journalism, publishing, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances, editing, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, copywriting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, consulting, tour guiding, video editing, video production and translating.

Please read the Article on Freelancing in Times of India which I feel is very effective in getting an overview about freelancing.

Being in the Software Industry, the option to have multiple sources of income apart from my fulltime job is being a techincal freelancer.

I have done a research on the internet, magazines and newspapers and has come up with
a list of the best websites that provides the freelancing jobs for people in the software and
web sector.
The best 3 sites includes,FreelanceImage

Other set of freelance sites includes,

I have read an article in Hindu Newspaper about the “Work Monk”  freelance site and found to be interesting. I am in plan to give a try on  .

I would like to conduct a survey on the above mentioned set of freelance sites by getting feedbacks from my readers so that finally we can have a statistical data regarding the best freelance sites. Please do also mention other freelancer sites that are not in the list mentioned above.
Please spend some amount of your valuable time in completing the survey given below.

Take Our Survey!

The Principles of Successful Freelancing
Miles Burke

WebSite Promotion And Internet Marketing


Recently when I started to make a research on how this particular blog can appear in first list of the search in different search engines,I came to an understanding that there is another important bussiness running in the World called the ‘Website Promotion And Internet Marketting’. People like me who do not have much budget do not have much to do in ‘Website Promotion And Internet Marketting’ but for those who run serious online bussiness inorder to get the attention of their targetted audience will have to spend some Dollars on ‘Website Promotion And Internet Marketting’. But ofcourse there are companies that provide free services for bloggers like me but all these comes secondary to  those who pay money.

Imagine people, there are millions and millions of website running all over the world and inorder to stand out to gain attention require a lot of effort from our end. One of the Key Areas the website owners always concentrate on is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).A website properly tuned for SEO will get higher page ranking and has the more chance of appearing in the first set of list provided by the search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo etc when searched with an appropriate keyword. SEO is not just like simply performing a single action can run traffic in to your system, but its actually a combination of 1000’s of criteria’s which depends on the way the search engine algorithms are written. And also the Search Engine Optimization criteria’s do change with time as search engines changes there search algorithms frequently and so you need to be always active for your website to have a better page ranking.

Let me have a brief explanation of some of the most important criteria’s of Search Engine Optimation.

1) First and the most important criteria is nothing but the content that we provide to the targeted audience. The better the content , the better the chance of the targeted audience to visit your page again.

2) Next comes the Website page Title and the list of Tags that we uses in our websit page. Search algorithms are always programmed in a way tha   it uses the Permalink, Title and the list of Tags to fetch a particular page in website.

3) Backlinks : Backlinks are nothing but the links provided to your website from another website. If the backlink to our site is given from a website of higher page rank obviously our website page rank would also improve.

4) About Page and Site Map : Search engines will have a thourough check at About page and the Site Map of your website before indexing your site after a keyword search.

5) Theme used by our website is another criteria that can provide better indexing during the search.

So the above mentioned are some of the Important criteria’s out of 1000’s of other criteria’s.

Now that you have your website up ,tried some of the free SEO techniques for your website promotion and even then if your site does not reach the targeted audience then You have got other options to make it happen. But this requires some amount of expense from your end. There are some online bussiness running that quarantees you that it pull audience to your site. Some of the example of such services are,

StumpleUpon Paid Discovery.
Social Media Sponsored Links etc..

I have a personal experience of using the StumpleUpon Paid Discovery and found it really worth trying.

Social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Yahoo etc can play an important role in your website promotion and provides a variety of techniques for Internet marketing.

It is always good to have an analysis of the inner structure of our website. This can be done through various WebMaster Tools provided by Google, Bing , Yahoo etc. Once we register our website with the Webmaster tools , it provides the detailed analytical reports about our website including the flaws in our website like inappropriate html tags, missing of authorship that can affect the Search Engine Mapping.

For More Professional Kind of Blog Promotion there are a number of books available that will be handy.
One such book is “Professional Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))”

Hope that the information provided was useful. Please do take your time to complete the poll provided below.